Do you support Mi Band 3?

Yes. Mi Band 3 is fully supported in Mi Band Tools since version 3.7.0! This includes some amazing features, for example:

  • Display Text Support (see caller contact names, numbers & full multi-line contents of notifications on your Mi Band 3)
  • Text Parameters, Filters & Extractions (you can easily extract e.g. SMS verification codes)
  • Sleep as Android Integration (full sensor integration with Sleep as Android application brings you industry's best sleep tracking features available on Android platform - this includes wake up in light sleep phase, anti-snoring and lucid dreaming vibes on your bracelet and so on)
  • Dual Text Support (Mi Band 3 has two lines for displaying textual notifications: header and body, you can now configure parameters for these individually)
  • Automatic Language (even if you are using Chinese version of the bracelet, Mi Band Tools will take care of everything to provide you watch interface in English language - just make sure to update to latest official firmware)
  • Event Plugins for Battery & Heart Rate (use Tasker, Automagic or similar and get notified whenever charing state changes or heart rate is measured)
  • Action Plugins (it is very simple to change heart rate mode, vibration mode and so on from Tasker, Automagic or similar)
  • Button Dismiss (any repeating patterns, including those for incoming calls and alarms, can now be stopped by tapping the Mi Band 3 button)
  • Button Snooze, Power Nap Snooze (snooze all phone triggered alarms by tapping the Mi Band 3 button, the snooze interval is configurable per alarm)
  • Custom Patterns (powerful feature for advanced or curious users that allows you to use commands to customize notifications or to send commands into the bracelet)
  • Initial Vibration feature (you can get a vibration before any icons are displayed, so you have time to look at the bracelet)
  • Smart User Interface (for your convenience, the icon that is visible on the bracelet after the vibration ends, is displayed just next to your configured notification)
  • Smart Alarms (experimental support for smart alarms that were removed by Xiaomi from the bracelet firmware)
  • Mi Fit Authentication (connection stability improvement that simulates Mi Fit authentication mechanism)
  • & more!