Can you display incoming caller number?

NEW: Since version 3.0.0 you can even display full contact names and contents of your notifications on Mi Band 2. Learn more

Yes. We do offer vibration number and swap feature that allows you to display numeric digits on your bracelet in groups of two to three digits. Although Mi Band does not support displaying of custom text on the bracelet, we found a way to take advantage of the heart rate sensor to display numeric digits on the OLED display.

You can choose any number and Mi Band Tools splits this number into parts of two to three digits and uses the heart rate vibration to show you the digits. You can even display whole phone numbers thanks to this feature (which can be turned on by the option Use Caller Number on the contact notification Vibration and Number detail).

Because the numeric heart rate display used for this feature does not allow displaying of single digits and multiple leading zeroes, it will be smartly splitted into groups of two to three digits to always display you the number correctly.

This feature can also be easily disabled, if you want - simple by changing the Vibration Mode from Vibration and Number to Custom Vibration or Vibration and Icon.



  • It you do not remember the numbers of your contacts, which is understandable, you can easily choose your own number for your favorite contacts - it's for example much easier to remember that 111 is when your family calls you and 666 when your co-worker calls you. Simply add the contacts you want to change numbers for, uncheck the 'Use Caller Number' option and set your own Vibration Number.