Sleep as Android

Mi Band Tools offers you full integration with Sleep as Android application since version 3.2.0.
We co-operated with authors of Sleep as Android to directly integrate Mi Band 2 sensor with industry's best sleep tracking features available on Android platform. This integration gives you all advanced Sleep as Android features like wake up in the light sleep phase, anti-snoring and lucid dreaming vibes on your bracelet and so on.
  • What Mi Band versions are supported?

Integration with Sleep as Android is available for Mi Band 2. Integration is not technically possible on old MI Band 1 versions, because the firmware of Mi Band 1 does not allow direct acccess to the sensors data.

  • How do I enable Mi Band 2 sensor in Sleep as Android?

To enable sensor tracking integration, go to Sleep as Android - Settings - Wearables - Sleep Tracking and check Use Wearables.