Mi Band Tools 2.5.1


  • New: Mi Band 2 Button Mute Incoming Call (when you use button to dismiss repeating notification pattern for incoming call, the phone ringing is now automatically muted as well)
  • New: Mi Band 2 Custom Vibrations (new vibration mode that allows you to customize the count, length and delay of vibrations without icons - icons have their vibration patterns predefined in the firmware, but thanks to new VC(x, y, z) custom pattern, you can now easily perform icon vibration pattern followed by custom one)
  • New: Mi Band 2 Lift Wrist Custom Pattern (added new LW(0|1) custom pattern to turn lift-wrist gesture off/on - you can use it from plugins or you can, for example, create two custom pattern alarms where one will turn it off in the evening and the other will turn it automatically on in the morning, see this article for more details)
  • Improved: Smart Incoming Caller Number (algorithm that splits incoming phone number into groups has been greatly improved to always display the number correctly - this is because the numeric display used for this feature does not allow displaying of single digits and multiple leading zeroes)
  • Several minor fixes and overall improvements


  • New: Display Incoming Caller Number (you can now see phone numbers for incoming calls on your Mi Band 2 OLED display! configure this feature through the new Vibration Mode option available on every notification)
  • New: Custom Numeric Vibrations (use the OLED display to see your own customizable numbers for notifications - easily distinguish literally hundreds of notification types)
  • New: Mi Band 2 Button Dismiss (any repeating notification patterns, including those for incoming calls and alarms, can now be stopped by tapping the Mi Band 2 button)
  • New: Mi Band 2 Button Snooze (snooze all phone triggered alarms by tapping the Mi Band 2 button, the snooze interval is configurable per alarm and this feature can also be fully disabled, if you want)
  • New: Mi Band 2 Button Power Nap Snooze (use button to snooze or dismiss the power nap, snooze interval is configurable and this feature can also be fully disabled in global settings)
  • New: Additional Custom Patterns (added new DHR custom pattern allowing you to display digits on Mi Band 2 bracelets - this gives you countless of possibilities since this pattern is usable also from plugins, see Custom Notification Patterns for more details)
  • New: Low / High Heart Rate Notification (the notification for low and high heart rate can now display you your weighted average heart rate directly on the Mi Band 2 display - simply set number of readings and enable this in the new Vibration Mode settings)
  • Improved: Added new vibration number test into the OLED test dialog
  • Improved: Custom pattern syntax language is now case insensitive, added wizards for newly added patterns
  • Improved: Alarms user interface seemed too complicated for some users, so we simplified it a bit
  • Fix: Visual glitch on heart rate fullscreen monitor causing last digit disappearing on some devices
  • Fix: Rare issue causing incorrect hours to be displayed on Sunday chart once a year (when daylight saving changes)
  • Several minor fixes and stability improvements


  • New: Heart Rate Fullscreen Monitor (great companion to the gym that displays your live heart rate and your current heart rate zone in nice user interface readable from the distance, helping you to stay in the correct heart rate zone when exercising)
  • New: Heart Rate Monitor Automation (when entering the heart rate fullscreen monitor, the heart rate is automatically switched into the continuous mode and returned to your original state when you leave it)
  • Improved: Several user interface improvements for various devices
  • Fix: Issue causing incoming call vibration not being stopped correctly after answering the call on some mobile devices
  • Fix: System settings is always used when displaying 12/24 hour format
  • Several minor fixes and overall reliability improvements
  • Localization: Romanian


  • New: Top Priority feature (contacts or groups marked as top priority are executed at any time and under any circumstances, even when in power nap or when notifications are globally disabled)
  • New: Color Themes (is default grayish theme too dark for you? choose one of our sixteen material vivid color themes in the application settings)
  • New: Widget Modes (view daily walked distance or approximation of burned calories on the widgets)
  • New: Widget Customization (select what exactly do you want to see on the widget, e.g. distance as text and steps as subtext)
  • New: Three-State Heart Rate (cycle through all heart rate monitoring modes or globally override top priority mode directly from the status bar)
  • New: Fulltext Search (quickly search for an application, contact or group by its name when adding new notifications)
  • Improved: Major performance improvements to overall startup times, application list loading and many more areas
  • Improved: Scheduled alarms are now automatically cancelled when importing configuration with new ones
  • Several minor fixes and overall performance improvements


  • New: Complex protocol rewrite (major improvement for overall stability of all features - mainly heart rates and alarms)
  • New: Improved Measuring feature (greatly increases precision for heart rate readings for intervals higher than 2 minutes)
  • New: Detect Removed Bracelet feature (tries to detect removed bracelet and ignores heart rates while the bracelet is off)
  • New: Remove Measurements feature (you can now remove heart rate measurement for specific time period or those that are higher / lower than specific value)
  • Improved: Configured alarms are now treated the same way as any another alarms in the system (status bar icon, next alarm time on lock screen)
  • Improved: Last custom pattern icon is now displayed in the notification list for clarity
  • Fix: Fixed time-zone issue causing incorrect steps to be displayed in Mi Fit statistics history
  • Several minor fixes and overall improvements
  • Localization: Dutch


  • New: Vibration icon for your Mi Band 2 (SMS with heart) added
  • Fix: Disabling notifications from status bar now works correctly with Mi Band 2
  • Several minor fixes and overall improvements


  • New: Mi Band 2 is now fully supported!
  • Mi Band 2: Icon Swap feature (helps you to quickly and easily identify the type and source of the vibration by automatically swapping between multiple icons)
  • Mi Band 2: Initial Vibration feature (you can get a vibration before any icons are displayed, so you have time to look at the bracelet)
  • Mi Band 2: Smart User Interface (for your convenience, the icon that is visible on the bracelet after the vibration ends, is displayed just next to your configured notification)
  • Mi Band 2: Icon Selection Dialog (simple and clean dialog, so you can see how exactly the icons will look on your bracelet before using them)
  • Mi Band 2: Automatic Icon Selection (this feature helps you automatically distinguish incoming calls from alarms and repeating reminders)
  • Mi Band 2: Experimental Smart Alarms (experimental support for smart alarms that were removed by Xiaomi from the bracelet firmware)
  • Mi Band 2: Mi Fit Authentication (connection stability improvement that simulates Mi Fit authentication mechanism)
  • Mi Band 2: Added support for new V(x) custom pattern (vibrate with specific icon)
  • New: Custom Patterns 2.0 (custom pattern dialog revisited to allow you much easier custom patterns creation)
  • New: Smart alarms are now automatically synchronized on re-connect (improves alarms stability)
  • New: Added support for Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Improved: Normalized font sizes and overall user interface experience improvements
  • Improved: Heart rate firmware version is now displayed in the settings
  • Improved: Mi Band Bluetooth MAC address can be typed also without the colons
  • Improved: Profile synchronization dialog is now slightly more intrusive so users do not tend to ignore it
  • Fix: Issue causing incoming call vibration not being stopped correctly after answering the call on some mobile devices
  • Fix: Rare locale detect issue causing incorrect displaying of the 24/12 hour format
  • Fix: Heart rate list is now displaying the AM/PM marker correctly
  • Fix: Text to Speech heart rate readings are now correctly pronounced from the connected earphones and without the unnecessary BPM suffix
  • Fix: Next alarm time is no longer displayed when only switching to the vibration pattern configuration
  • Many, many, many more overall improvements and fixes
  • Localization: Japanese
  • Localization: Lithuanian
  • Localization: Vietnamese